The 4th Dimension and the Magic of Instant Manifestation

When I was in college, finishing up my degree in Connecticut, I took a theatre class as part of my major. We did everything from set design to costumes to actually getting up on stage and acting. I had originally taken the course because I was interested in acting and it seemed like an easy “A”. I thought it would be fun and that I would be really good at it as well. It turns out, the acting part was harder than I had realized. But the most challenging part was dealing with my professor’s constant commands from 3 rows away in the audience. When it came my time to rehearse on stage, he would continually yell, “Ms. Arkin, hold your shoulders back!” I would laugh and smile and straighten up and keep going with my lines. I guess my posture really didn’t improve over the course of the semester. Because his critique of my on-stage demeanor began to escalate. Before long he started to cry out, “Ms. Arkin, you better get those headlights up!” It took me a while to realize he meant my “nipples”; he wanted me to hold my shoulders back so much that my nipples just jutted out for all the world to see. “Was he crazy?” I thought. I would sheepishly try to comply but my heart really wasn’t in it. After all I had been trying to diminish the girth of my oversized swimming shoulders for years. I wanted the semester to be over and for my career on stage to end. I began to dread Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 12 to 1:30 as if they were a biology lab class.

We had 2 more weeks left in the theatre course when I was caught, once and for all with my headlights pointed down. The professor threw his script down and shouted, “That’s it Arkin, you’re going to do a song and dance from the musical ‘Hair’ on stage, by yourself, day after tomorrow. We’ll see if that teaches you to hold those goddamn shoulders back!” 

And so it was, that on a random Thursday in late May in the year 1992 I got up on-stage and sang…

“When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding…”

You get the drift. Oh, and I had to do the dance that went with it from the movie as well. So I swept my hands in the air (half-heartedly) while moving sideways across the front of the stage in a half-crouched position while intermediately snapping my fingers. I was alone up there singing meekly and dancing awkwardly. This whole extravaganza lasted maybe 4 minutes. But it was the most embarrassing 4 minutes of my life; truly. Did this punishment make me hold my shoulders back while on-stage from there on out you ask? Nope, I never took another theatre class again! I can, however, to this day, if you ply me with enough encouragement and really good red wine, sing and dance to the musical “Hair” like nobody’s business.

However, I bring all this up for a reason. Because we, as a planet are truly entering the Age of Aquarius. We’re moving into the 4th dimension folks. 

What does all this mean? Well, there have been rumblings about this for some time now. Essentially it means we, as a collective, are experiencing a vibrational shift from our 3rd chakra of personal power into our 4th chakra, our heart center. We are being prodded and prompted at every turn right now. You will see it personally as well as collectively. On a metaphysical level, the 4th dimensional shift is simply a shift in consciousness. We are moving from a more physicallybased awareness to a more spiritually based awareness.

We’ve seen many vibrational shifts throughout history. Think about the changes we’ve seen in our collective consciousness already. For instance, after Germany was defeated in the second world war and we began to understand the atrocities Hitler had imposed on an entire race of people. We began, as a collective, slowly to update our idea of compassion and racism.  Also, in our own country, during the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King era, we began to see how we were systematically oppressing an entire race of people and moved, as a mass towards greater equality for all. The Woodstock era comes to mind as well as a way in which an entire generation of people began to rethink, outthink and think beyond the status quo as a way of forging a trail for us to all update towards a greater since of awareness. The 60’a was a great time of mind expansion. And, hey, what happened in the 60’s stays in the 60’s…you know who you are! Just look at the gay rights movement in our lifetime alone. We’ve gone from having our lives threatened if we came out at our places of work or in our community, to actually being able to get legally married in many states. These updates in collective consciousness are slow and take time. But they have been and are happening. Think of it like 10 billion people trying to board many, many busses. It could take a while but the busses are there and it will happen. We are all getting on board and the 4th dimension of a greater heartfelt awareness and community driven consciousness awaits us all.

So, why am I bringing all this up? Well, as we begin any update, the most sensitive folks are the ones that will feel the push, pull and shifting first. In essence, it’s most likely you, if you’re still reading this newsletter and remain interested in this topic. We, you and I, are sensitive and we’re the front-runners and we don’t really have a map of how to do this. We’re just listening to our own updates and being herded along by our higher selves. And, unlike the slower updates I spoke of earlier, this time, our time, seems to be moving more quickly now. We’re being asked to change and do it now.

Have  you felt your internal and external life shifting more quickly lately?

Let’s talk about some more grounded details of what this new shift in consciousness actually means for us. As I said before, this is a shift in consciousness. We are moving from a more physically based awareness to a more spiritually based awareness. For instance, many of my clients, myself included, have been exploring the true nature of financial prosperity as of late. (Honestly, this subject deserves a full newsletter dedicated to it and it alone. I promise to do so in the very near future.) But for now, I’ve noticed old ideas of prosperity, abundance and lack are really up on the chopping block for review. We see things in our 3D world as black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. But we are moving up now into our hearts, into a higher consciousness and with it must come a new idea about prosperity and lack. The truth is simple actually. If you look outside, you will see you are absolutely surrounded by abundance every day. Look at the flowering trees, the birds, the new spring buds in bloom. Grass, plants, weather, its all in great abundance and constantly changing. “That’s nice and all, but what about my bank account you ask?” Yes, those things do seem black and white. I mean you have a certain amount of cash in your account, right? What If you want more money and simply ask for it without focusing on your perceived lack of money? This is part of the shift: place your attention on what you do have available to you and be grateful for it in your life. Look outside and see it. The birds aren’t worried about getting more worms so they have a stockpile of worms. They simply get the ones available and live. Live with what you have and appreciate it and appreciate you. Appreciate learning the way you are learning. And if you are tired of learning this way or it feels out of alignment, change it. Ask yourself why you’ve been choosing to learn this way and move into gratitude. Know that this 4th dimension has very little to do with black and white or lack and a lot more to do with what we might call the magic of instant manifestation.

Here’s a good example: My partner Abby has recently been holding a prayer to get to go back to Peru but to also go as a way of integrating her working life with her love of this part of the world. She wasn’t sure what it looked like. She just kept saying, “thank you universe for my multiple, paid trips to Peru.” Suddenly, out of nowhere, a friend of mine asked me if Abby would like to take her husband to Peru on a sort of ‘vision quest’. She would be his guide and he would pay her way and expenses. Well, after lots of screams, giggles and dancing, Abby and my friend’s husband are off to Peru for 2 amazing weeks! So, Abby was no longer focusing on what was Wrong in her life or missing. Instead, she focused on what was Right in alignment with her spirit and her heart and voila, she’s living a dream! This is the magic of heartfelt alignment available in the 4th dimension I speak of; instant manifestation.

It’s so important we learn how to work with this energy instead of trying to fight it. When we are in the flow and centered in our hearts, we know what we need, what our truth is and what our lives can be like. You are not missing anything. It’s important to stop waiting and to start appreciating your life; the life you have, the life you created. I’ve had this vision of me holding a hand full of sand, watching the grains slip thru my fingers, grasping, worrying and focusing on the loss of this sand. Then, as I look down I realize that I am, in fact, standing on a beach. This is true for all of us. Abundance is literally everywhere. And this new update I speak of is simply a perspective shift. 

Shift your perspective, shift your consciousness. Change your life!

Have you been feeling a pull to let go of old ‘stories’ or belief systems that simply no longer feel in alignment with your heart?

Have  you been seeking more connection to spirit thru meditations, work-outs or spiritual based philosophies?

Have  you been questioning the true essence of prosperity? 

Have you noticed your relationship with substances like alcohol and food in dire need of updating? 

We are being prompted to shift our consciousness on a global level. Some of us will find this shift easier to make than others. But no one will escape these updates. Eventually we will all go forward and move to a higher vibration. But while the shift occurs we can expect to see grasping at old ideals, values, ways of being, belief systems and old stories we’ve told ourselves fall away and / or come up for review and transformation. Look at your beliefs around your physical form. Do you feel you are carrying extra baggage in the form of weight or old aches and pains? Perhaps you feel called to begin a new work-out regime, cleanse or yoga practice. These little messages are actually nudges from your spirit. Listen and adapt without judgement as best you can. Notice as well the opposite side of this coin: is there a part of you that seems overly drawn-in to substances like alcohol or heavy foods that will lower your vibration? Just know that with each growth spurt can come some resistance from our pain bodies. We are drawn to what we know, even if what we know makes us suffer. Noticing these old desires or cravings and pinpointing their origin can really help you make a present-time decision as to weather or not they are in alignment with you.

How’s your prosperity thinking these days? I’ve had a lot of old stories of “lack” come up for me. These stories are simply that: past ways of learning that no longer serve me or fears and “what if’s” that I can project onto my future. I see when I pull all my energy into the present moment and really begin to appreciate all that I have, I feel prosperous. But, the old and outdated must be seen, felt and given some time at the microphone. So sit with these old beliefs and fears like you would a child. Know they are not your truth but rather an old way you once chose to learn. And, like all old things, sweaters, albums or hairstyles, they can move to the recycle bin of energy whenever you are ready. 

Updating your vibrational setting is easier than it sounds because it’s happening now, to each of us, each day. With each breath we take in, we live a little more and with each breath we breathe out we experience a tiny death. All we really have to do is to remember. Remember our hearts, see our minds and breathe!

May all beings benefit!