Heart Meditation

by Angie Arkin

... Move into your heart. Perhaps this is easier said than done when your mind is like a bubble machine gone wild. But it’s a necessary move none the less. So how do we move into our hearts when our minds are on hyper-warp drive and our emotions are heightened? 


     Yep, that’s it. You have got to go to your breath and use it to take you out of your mind and into your heart. Just breathe. Follow your slow, deep and peaceful breaths and bring them straight to your heart. As you do this your pulse will slow, your attention will shift and you will calm your mind. As your mind slows with the attention shift, you will cease to create so many thought bubbles. Keep focusing on your breath and bringing your breath to your heart and soon your mind will tether itself to your heart. This is the connection we’ve all been waiting for: The Heart / Mind Connection. It’s a match made in heaven, literally and it’s a necessary step on our evolutionary ladder as a species. Linking your heart to your mind will allow your enlightened mind to shine through. It’s like the mind is a light bulb and the heart is the electrical current and your intention and your breath flips the switch.