Prosperity and You

A little journey of ordering up exactly what you want and keeping a sense of humor!

How many times have you asked, pleaded, begged, kicked, even screamed for more help, more support, more prosperity from the universe, God, the heavens, your spirit, whomever you pray to, only to see that not much has changed in your life?

Simply put, you are not alone. I have many, many clients and friends who have the same revolving issues with prosperity. So many in fact, that I spend a good part of my day in meditation on this subject. I thought it might be helpful to share what I know to be true with you here today about manifesting and receiving prosperity. And, in the spirit of the up and coming winter solstice, offer to perhaps shine a  little more light on the subject than may have previously been present for you. 

Any of you who have had readings with me in the past or taken my teachings know that I speak in metaphors and pictures. Yes, I was one of those children in school; slow to learn and a bit spacey until you told me a story that I could relate to the subject. So, please permit me a few more pictures and stories now. In order to really understand prosperity, you have to accept one, immutable fact:


Yes, that’s right, prosperity in the universe is actually NOT finite but infinite. It’s a little known fact that no one I know of really talks about. Oh, I’ve heard motivational teachers say things like: just concentrate and meditate on what you want. Really SEE yourself with it and you will have it. Now, I’m not saying that won’t ever work...the power of visualizing and magnetizing your greatest desires and all. However, I bet if we took a survey of all the folks who’ve tried that one, we’d see most of them don’t have that shiny red porsche they’ve been visualizing in their minds, now sitting in their driveway. Just one more self-help technique down the toilet. What was wrong with it? In my opinion it lacked substance. In other words, is the shiny red porsche in your heart? Is it truly what your heart wants or is it what your ego desires? And, how is you driving around in that car a benefit to others? If you can’t answer those two questions then you may have your answer as to why that car never “appeared” in your life.

What do I mean by prosperity being unlimited? Just that there is an abundance of everything we need and want available to us at all times in unlimited quantities. It’s really all in the motivation and the view.

I’m suggesting that there are 2 steps that must be met in order for you to have prosperity.

Step 1: Create a heart-felt intention. 

It’s really all in your motivation. I find, if it comes from our hearts and has a benefit to all, we have nothing stopping us from having it other than our own belief systems. For example, let’s say you really want to write a book. Well, if the book comes out of your heart and has a message that others really can and will benefit from, then the universe will support it and it’s expansion into reality. In other words, you’ll see your book in 3 dimensional form because your heart is something others need, really need, to connect to in order to open their own. Make sense?

So, you can have things, I’m not knocking things, they just need to be heart-felt and of benefit to more folks than just yourself. The universe is always expanding. And, if prosperity is unlimited, then what we have here is an ever-expanding opportunity at prosperity. 

Step 2: Take responsibility for whatever has been blocking you and show up where you can. 

It’s all in the view. This is about your view on whatever you’re trying to bring in, manifest or create. For example, if I really want to write a book but each time I sit down to write, I have a voice inside my head telling me that I’m a crappy writer and that no one cares what I have to say, how long do you think it will take me to write this book? Forever...literally! Or if I really want to quit my super boring job and become, say, a yoga instructor but I have a view that I’m not dynamic enough and I’m nothing like the yoga instructors I’ve taken classes with, then do you really think I’ll take a leap of faith and try to switch careers? Probably not. Or, how about I’m trying to manifest the perfect partner, lover, husband or one true significant other. But each time I meet someone I have so many fears and expectations due to past failed relationships that I drown the new relationship before it can ever get started.

My question to you is, what are you telling yourself about whatever you’re trying to manifest or “bring in” to your life. How do you really feel about whatever prosperity your asking for? We’re talking true feelings here, not the positive mental stuff you know you’re supposed to say. You see, there is this pervasive idea that manifesting prosperity simply means asking and receiving. NOT TRUE! Manifesting prosperity actually means having a heart-felt motivation and then taking responsibility for what you truly believe, changing and updating these beliefs where necessary and having a broad-minded view about how and what you receive. This is where that sense of humor comes in. Let me explain with a metaphor. 

Let’s say that I really want to manifest a rocking chair. I love to sit in a cozy chair and rock back and forth and think my feels nurturing and safe and my heart will be open and happy sitting in this chair. Others in my life will benefit by my having this chair because I will feel so open-hearted that they will receive more and more of my love. So I ask the universe for a rocking chair. I’m thinking someone may gift me with one or I’ll find a nice, free rocking chair some place. And, I keep asking for this special chair. Then, one day, a friend of a friend finds out about my desire for a rocking chair and says they have an extra one in their basement. “Great, I say, bring it over!” When the chair appears, it’s in the original manufactures box, in pieces with nuts and bolts and instructions and allen wrenches, the works. “This doesn’t look like a rocking chair, I say.” The person assures me it is, I just have to put it together. This is where the sense of humor I spoke of is really helpful.

You have your chair, you have your instructions, you have all the pieces to put it together. You know how to read the instructions, you have time, etc. You just have to do it and update any of those old views / messages that may be telling you how bad you are at putting things together. Perhaps your first instinct is to order up another chair from the universe...I don’t want to try to put this one together, I’m no good at that, so I’ll just ask for another one that’s already put together. In essence, you’re telling the universe that the abundance it has just gifted you with is simply not good enough. Sound familiar? Or maybe you’ll try to get someone else to put the chair together for you. But they don’t show up or they do it wrong or break it, etc. Now you’re saying you’re really not worthy enough to receive the chair and someone else had better intervene. HMMMM, what to do? 

I say take responsibility and show up where you can. You have your chair you asked for, albeit in a different form. You have an able body and you have time. Begin to see the voices that stop you as old friends afraid you’ll fail. Ironically, the more you listen to them, the more you feel just like a failure. So understand that you have to begin to tell yourself a new story. How about this one: “Wow, I manifested a rocking chair! I have time now to be creative, to put it together the way I want, in my own time.” And when you’re done, you’ll not only have manifested what you wanted, you’ll feel a sense of prosperity that goes beyond the material world and into a prosperity of self. You’ll have inadvertently updated some old views on your abilities as a handy man / woman. You’ll feel more powerful and less like a failure because you tried. Remember how I said the universe is always expanding. So must we expand. We must take each moment to expand and see ourselves in a more loving and capable light.

May you create, manifest and prosper. And, as always, may all beings benefit!

Angie Arkin, December 2013