Everyday Energy (Digital Mp3 Version)


Everyday Energy (Digital Mp3 Version)


Everyday Energy

These 7 meditations will take you more in depth with grounding your personal energy, clearing energetic blocks and hearing your inner voice. 

You will also learn techniques to encourage positive relationships with people in your life and understand how to separate your energy with other people, bringing you into your highest amount of personal power. 

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Grounding Your Personal Energy: Discover your energetic connection to the earth and create more stability, balance and focus.

Track 3: Energetic Blocks: 
Clear away old beliefs and patterns while vibrating at your highest amount of absolute truth.

Track 4: Inner Voice: 
Techniques to help quiet the mind and create more awareness of your inner voice. 

Track 5: Neutral Separations:
Encourage positive relationships with people in your life. 

Track 6: Color Therapy:
Harness your personal power with the healing energy of color.

Track 7: Daily Affirmations: 
Set your intention for each day to manifest freedom, prosperity and abundance. 

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