Fierce Compassion Meditation

by Angie Arkin

Fierce Compassion: How to Love When You Want to Hate.

How many times have you heard yourself say: "I'm so mad at them, I'm not talking to them anymore!" or "Just the site of them upsets me, I can't stand to look at them!"

When we feel anger, rage or pain due to another's actions, we tend to turn away from that person. They become the source for our negative emotions and we want them to feel the same pain they are causing us. The problem is, by turning away, we are simply entangling ourselves deeper in those negative emotions, often finding ourselves engaged in an endless battle of egos that no one will ever truly win.

In reality we must turn toward our pain, turn toward the person causing that pain and offer compassion to ourselves and them in order to end the struggle. Of course, when you're really upset with someone, the last thing you're going to want to do is to offer that person something that will help; that's why it's called FIERCE COMPASSION.

Through guided meditations, learn how to offer compassion to yourself and to those causing you pain. Understand how to energetically untangle yourself from others and offer love and compassion out to the world.

By learning how to stop our own suffering, we automatically stop causing so much suffering in others, and the world around us opens and becomes a better place for all.

May All Beings Benefit!

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